Cynthia has been a Core Energetics Practitioner since 2010. She came to this modality through her own search for self transformation. After experiencing major personal shifts through this practice she delved into learning how to bring this work to others.

Cynthia graduated from the Institute of Core Energetics’ 4 year practitioner certification and 1 year postgraduate program. She is a certified practitioner in good standing, educated as a professional in trauma (CTP), and anxiety (CATP) and is a certified NARM Informed Practitioner. Along with her private practices in NYC and New Jersey, she is the Registrar for the Institute of Core Energetics.

Cynthia also has a deep connection to art and design and marvels at how our creativity bridges meaning and purpose into our lives.

Core Energetics Practitioners in good standing follow the International Association of Core Energetics Code of Practitioner Professional Guidelines